Cadets & Midshipmen Procession

After check-in and mingle time, the CASAB program begins with the introduction of each cadet and midshipman. 

Military Education Platform

The CASAB Schedule of Events is structured to expose Cadets and Midshipmen to military protocol, etiquette and procedures. The cadets and midshipmen participate in military traditions such as: Posting of Colors, Invocation, POW/MIA Tribute, Introduction of Keynote Speaker and Cake Cutting ceremony.   

Socialization and Camaraderie

The CASAB promotes socialization and camaraderie between cadets, midshipmen, family, friends and sponsors, including dancing and memorable photo opportunities.

Cadets, Midshipmen and Dates

The evening ends with Casino Night. This is tons of fun and a closed-event only available to cadets and their dates. This events include: Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette and lots of prizes.

Most photos provided by Mic Clik Photography